Creating and hosting websites for Small Office/Home Office customers is another of our specialties.

You CAN get a “non-user transferrable” domain name for $1.99 for the first year, it might also include first year webhosting for around $6.00/mo. In subsequent years they could increase your yearly domain name registration ($35) and the monthly hosting costs ($25).

Most users will have the domain name and e-mail address on all printed material, to change the domain name or webhosting service would be an exceedingly expensive and, more importantly, confusing to your existing customers.
Prairie Winds Technology
Website Services
With cooperative website development between you and us, we will create the website design and content for up to five webpages. We will quote a price for websites that need on-line databases, a shopping cart, a user input form, etc...
$35 yearly Domain Name reservation
$180 yearly Webhosting ($15/mo)
$100 per page Website Development
E-mail or Phone (785) 393-0694
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