System back-up
Battery replacement
Completely clean the case, power supply, air ducts & vents
Run system diagnostics
Run multiple virus search programs
Remove temporary and unneeded files
Defragment the registry, the free space and the file system
Recommend additional memory or disk space - if needed
• We'll even return that long lost CD/DVD when we find it in the DVD Drive!
When your PC gets tired and slow after a few years of use, all it needs is a little tune-up. Most of us spend more time in front of our computer than we do in our car. How much maintenance do you perform on your car..... and how much on your computer? Most of us don't do a thing to our computer until it breaks. Running disk cleanup and disk defragmenter are not enough. Our System Performance Tune-up Service gets your computer back to you freshened up in about 72hrs and you should get another couple of years from your existing system.
CD/DVD, printers, scanners, backup devices, wireless routers or other peripherals not working or giving you fits? Gather up the make and model numbers and give us a call.
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